Custom Jewelry

***Please note, we are no longer offering custom orders in brass with the exception of Belt Buckles, Napkin Rings and Ornaments.

We would love to create something truly unique using your very own china.  The process is really simple:

  1. If you live in Houston, come by our store and sit down with us and we will help you from start to finish. If you live outside of Houston, simply package up your china and mail it to us along with your contact information and someone will be in touch once your china arrives.
  2. Sterling Silver pieces can take up to 14 – 16 weeks from the time we ship the cut pieces to our artisans.  We know this sounds like a long time, but remember, each piece is cut and set by hand.  Nothing is mass produced.
  3. Brass pieces - Belt Buckles, Napkin Rings and Ornaments can take up to 16 - 20 weeks to be completed.
  4. We require a 50% deposit once you place your order and the remaining balance once your piece(s) are completed.
  5. Here are a few things to keep in mind:
    1. How much china you need to send us will depend greatly on the types of pieces you select and the pattern of your china.  Please feel free to email us a picture of your china and we can tell you exactly how much you need to use.
    2. Not all china reacts the same way to this process.  Sometimes pieces just don’t make it from start to finish without breaking.  This just means we have to start over and try again.
    3. Minor chipping on edges is common due to the handmade process.
    4. Plates with metallic finishes such as gold, platinum and silver don’t always keep their finishes intact; they sometimes melt off during the process.
    5. Our Christmas deadline is middle of August every year so please plan accordingly.  This means we must have your china by the beginning of August.
    6. We are happy to answer any questions you have before, during and after the process.  For more information please email us at, or call our store at 713-996-8995.
    7. Please mail your china to:
      China Baroque
      Custom Order Department
      879 Frostwood Drive
      Houston, TX 77024